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Testimonials and Reviews For Pest Control Companies

Attention:  Pest Control Companies

In 2020 and Beyond, Your Business
Won’t Survive or Compete Without Authentic and
Real Satisfied Clients Video Testimonials.

Your Prospective clients will watch reviews before coming to you.

Sure, You have a reputation in the market, However Post COVID 19, when prospects are searching online
for Doctors like you, The DOCTOR who will have more Testimonials and Good reviews will HOLD a Upper
hand and will definitely get more walk-in patients.

Whether it’s buying a product on Amazon or choosing a Pest Control Service, people need to see reviews  before they decide to buy.

Did you know…

  • “Prospective customers will read an average of 10 online reviews before they feel they can trust a local business” – Bright Local

  • “Displaying reviews can now increase conversion rates by 270%”- Spiegel Research Center

  • “Experts believe that online reviews now make up over 13% of how Google and YouTube rank local search results” – Chatmeter

But in 2020 , Even When People Do Read Your Reviews…
They STILL Don’t Believe You!



According to a study by Ipsos, customer trust of reviews is down significantly with 37% of people trusting brands less than they used to.


Plus, it’s estimated that 15% of online reviews, in general, are faked now!

Between a TEXT Testimonial and a Video Testimonial,
which do you think will be more credible? trusted and believed?



Because it’s a real person and you’re hearing and watching it directly from their mouth!

It’s more engaging. It’s more emotional. It’s more believable.

It’s just more persuasive. That’s why Hubspot reports that 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.

But, for most businesses…

“Getting Video Testimonials
is Time Consuming Work”

Remember, even if your customer had a great experience with your product, people are just too busy today to drop everything their doing and do something for you.


So How Do You Get an Endless Supply of Video Testimonials to Convert and Drive Traffic?

That’s the exact problem we are faced with, In fact 3 challenges.

No Customer traffic?

SOLVED: Embedding video on your website is proven to increase organic traffic from Google by 157% and videos on social media generate 1200% more shares than text and images combined!

No Sales?

SOLVED: 63% of consumers say they’re MORE LIKELY to purchase from a site that has product ratings and reviews. Boost trust and sales, and attract more people who are searching for real, honest reviews.

No Time?

SOLVED: We take care of the review getting process so you don’t have to. In a few minutes we will be ready to collect video testimonials…

… and automatically deliver bonuses to people who leave their review. It doesn’t get any easier or quicker than this!

  • No more making the video yourself! Get an endless supply of videos to use on your sales pages and drive traffic to your website and shop.
  • No camera equipment, mics or fancy studios
  • No begging or waiting for reviews – offer an awesome bonus and you’ll attract plenty of people who can’t wait to leave their video review


Whatever Business You’re in,
We have a Solution for You.


Real Reputation Building & Review Collection Service

The Long-term FREE Lead Generation
and Goodwill Builder

The fastest, easiest and most Consistent way to collect, display, and drive traffic with video testimonials anywhere online – for you and clients you work with.

Transform Your Business with the Power of Video in Just 5 Simple Steps:
(you do the Easy 2 steps only)

  1. Identify your TOP customers list (more is better) 25-100 is a good start.
  2. Give the List to us.
  3. We call and connect with them on Your behalf.
    Our team and System will Collect the Video testimonial, text testimonial from them. Follow up with them (those who are willing to give the testimonial) up to 5 times.
  4. We will Edit the Video –
    Add a title,
    Improve the light,
    Cut out extra bits and
    Convert it into Social media size formats (Youtube, FB, Instagram, Website)
  5. We load it on your Facebook page, Youtube channel, on Google and your Website if you want.

We can add an Incentive bonus to your customers so they give the testimonial too –
a Free gift, a book or something digital – A Valuable Gift which your particular customers may find relevant and may like.

We will do it for you as a One time project or on an on going basis for you, so you don’t have to worry about a web designer, video editor, Tele sales person – Just get your reviews and testimonials done for you. End to end Service.

MORE Testimonials mean More Business.
That Means More Profits for a Lifetime.

ONCE they’re COLLECTED, you can use them for a lifetime.

Think About the Money You are Losing By NOT Investing in Customer Reviews and Testimonials 

We’ve already seen the stats — video testimonials blow sales through the roof, over and over again.

What if you could boost your conversion rate by just 1%? 2% ? or even 5%?

How many extra sales would that mean for you?

Another 2, 3 or even 5 sales per week?

That could be a few hundred or thousands per week or a LOT more depending on the price of your product.

Either way, the truth remains…


The world loves video…

and it’s proven to outsell any other type of content.

So, if you’re not using it to leverage free leads, more clients and Free traffic and blow up your conversions, you’re missing all the fun. And Maybe Your Competitor is already creaming the profits systematically.

Doing it Systematically, as an ongoing process is of great importance.
You don’t have to take on all of the expense or make the investment all at one time.
You can try and test for 10-15 testimonials. See the response and then decide.

As your video’s and reviews add up online, You will slowly realize that orders and conversions add up. People talk about it and virally spread the word.

Even the people who have given the Testimonials, feel the importance you have given them by asking them for help. They feel connected with you and your Business. They are even more likely to come back to you with repeat Business.

Google and Facebook love Videos and they like reviews.

Act Today. You just have to give us a call and we will get the whole system running for you.

And if you are wondering about the investment, You can start with only 10 Video testimonials. You will recover the Money maybe in a month, and you will keep getting clients for a lifetime from online sources because of extra credibility you get thanks to the Testimonials and reviews.

What if you could instantly double the conversions on your sales page? Or drive twice the amount of traffic from YouTube or Facebook?

How much would that be worth to your business? Just think of it.
Because You know your products, services and profit margins and competition.
We will help you to achieve your goals in the shortest possible time, systematically.

We have Two Service offerings for you:

  1. : One-time Testimonial Review collection
    ( 10 – 100 numbers) – Starting at Rs.10,000/- only *

  2. Gold Collection:
    Ongoing Monthly collection – as many as you want.
    Starting for Rs.10,000/-* per month or Lumpsum

Speak to us today, and based on your Business, Service or product, repeat business possibility, referral word of mouth opportunity and your Competition in your area, we will devise the strategy.

Be the leader in your area before your Competitor takes away the FIRST MOVER advantage. If your Competitor goes ahead of you, then again, your buyers will always prefer them due to the number of Testimonials and reviews.

Call us now on 9322812220 and ask how we can help your specific Business.

Jayant Hudar

School of Business Wisdom

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many video testimonials are required to get the benefits and free traffic?

More is better. Every additional testimonial will add to your credibility. However, a Correct Number precisely will depend on what your competitor is doing and how many reviews he has. Also it depends on what you do with the testimonials and how you promote and make use of the Testimonials.


  1. Why is it important to have more reviews and testimonials than your Competitor?

You need more testimonials and reviews than your competitor because people will compare and decide based on the number of reviews. People will take this number into consideration.
So at the final deciding moment, it’s your reviews that will help customers to make a decision. So your Number of reviews and testimonials will matter.


  1. What if I can collect the Testimonials myself Instead of outsourcing it to you?

Yes, you surely can do it yourself. However, if you could, you would have done it already. Also it needs a systematic approach and it is time, money and effort intensive. Outsourcing is much more efficient, cost effective and the job gets done.


  1. How many types of Testimonials and reviews are collected?
    A testimonial can be in TEXT, VIDEO, AUDIO, Star rating or scoring mechanisms.
    We collect Text, Star and Video Testimonials for you using Manual and Automatic methods to follow-up, capture and edit Video and text testimonials.


  1. Do we get complaints also when asking for testimonials?
    Yes, taking a feedback is a must before asking for a Review and testimonial. Feedback is a Good thing; it gives you a real insight into what you to need improve upon. If we get a complaint or feedback for you or your product or staff, we will inform you so you can take action on it.


  1. Can you just collect the testimonials and give them to us, instead of Loading them on social media? Can we get online text testimonials?
    Yes, you have an option where we just collect the testimonials and you can use it as you want. However, if you use a systematic service, getting it online and posted as soon as possible in various social platforms, You will get the best output.


  1. Can we get Fake likes and testimonials? There are many who give likes and testimonials.

No, we do not do fake testimonials or fake ticks, likes or videos. We do real customers and real testimonials.
We take this service very seriously and as an ongoing value addition for clients.
The real testimonials work and will last for years. Fake ones are caught and will get into trouble sooner or later.
We believe in real value. Our systems and processes all follow good business practices. We suggest you use only real testimonials for your business if you wish to profit in the long term.

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